As a value-added solutions Distributor, Kalyx is your single source for all your Exposure Control needs. Our Task Specific solutions carry comprehensive services from consultation to implementation:
  • Needs assessment & consultation 
  • Design of custom or standard solutions
  • Installation & performance check
  • Third party acceptance testing & certification 
  • Surrogate testing
  • User, facilities & service training 
  • Environmental monitoring & sampling 
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • OEL requirements associated with chemical banding 
  • FAT/SAT acceptance testing 
  • Equipment validation 
  • Application specific protocols & SOP's 
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • Custom system & site specific NRTL testing & certifications



Testing & Monitoring 

Due to hazardous nature of our clients’ applications, it is quite often necessary to verify the containment performance of our systems.  As a complete provider, Kalyx can build into your project the required containment testing or surrogate studies in order to deliver a fully functioning and documented solution.  Among these tests are:

  • ASHRAE110 Fume Hood Gas Challenge; tracer gas challenge using SF6 gas and a breathing zone sampling manikin.
  • Surrogate Powder Study; these tests use actual surrogate powders selected to best represent the clients’ product and handling challenges.  Applications are carried out using the surrogate and breathing zone, enclosure and area samples are taken to determine exposure limits.
  • Chemical Resistance Data; most materials used by our manufacturers have complete chemical resistance data available.
  • Pressure Decay and Leak Testing; used most often for Isolators, these tests confirm the systems’ abilities to maintain desired pressure levels and verify sealed integrity of the unit
  • Enclosure Flow Mapping; some applications require very specific atmospheres within the unit and we can provide atmospheric and flow mapping to verify desired environment
  • Kalyx manufactures maintain a library of past testing on its’ standard and custom systems. These are available upon request.




While Kalyx takes pride in our containment solutions, no solution will work well unless it is properly used; and as site budgets are being squeezed, Kalyx can assist site safety groups in training their employees in proper equipment usage.

Among the training we can provide:

  • User Training - Kalyx will demonstrate correct (and incorrect) procedures for working with the containment solution and provide the general design concepts to allow for successful use of the unit.
  • Facility Training - Kalyx can work with Facility groups to show them how our systems work, are used, and what facility requirements (utilities, air, etc) will be needed.
  • Service/Maintenance Training - Kalyx can train site maintenance groups to provide yearly preventative maintenance programs on the equipment.
  • Certification Training - as our clients often use 3rd party Certification groups to verify performance before use, Kalyx can provide those groups with education on our units and what will be required for certification.
  • Safe Powder Handling Training - Kalyx can provide a general overview to the safety hazards associated with handling hazardous powders and what steps can be taken to reduce that exposure.
  • Task Specific Training - Kalyx can design a training protocol for the equipment and processes used in conjunction with or within the containment system.