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Your Flexible Isolator Options and the Cost Benefits

Before we jump in to your isolator options lets discuss why Flexible Isolators even exist. Prior to any Flexible Isolators were created, there was a need to protect workers and the manufacturing process from cross-contamination and keep them safe. This safety measure is called Containment Control.

Containment Control is needed when Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) are biologically active, even at very low quantities. Therefore, it is crucial not to expose operating personnel handling these compounds to levels that would result in adverse biological effects being experienced. When dealing with API’s, it involves preventing hazardous materials from escaping into the workplace and into the surrounding environment. This involves isolating the product from personnel and the environment. This, in turn protects the product itself, personnel working on the process, and the surrounding environment.

With the increase need of having more flexible, modular solutions at a value price, Flexible Isolators gained popularity quickly. Our white paper will help you understand how Flexible Isolators can help you accomplish your safety needs, and their cost benefits.

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