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  • Fully Flexible Isolator


    Disposable Drum Dispensing Isolator

    Custom flexible/disposable drum dispensing isolator installed

    for vacuuming nano-materials from a product drums into process.
    Modified and installed to meet our client's needs!

  • Custom RAB System


    Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS)

    Custom designed unit to meet our client's automated filling system
    specs. RABS can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Modular Cleanroom


    Custom Modular Cleanroom

    Custom designed cleanroom installed in our client's
    warehouse. Great cleanroom option for processes that require
    flexibility. Designed to fit your process and existing space.

  • Custom Fine Mist Shower


    Fine Mist Shower

    Our fine mist showers are a necessary pass way for personnel exiting
    a contaminated area in order to minimize exposure of contaminants.
    Custom designed by our in-house engineering team.

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