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There are many options available in the world of containment or exposure control. What's the best choice for your exposure control needs?

Answer is; there isn't a single system that meets everyone's needs!

Whether your a safety professional, a facilities engineer, or an end user you need to know what options are available based on your specific needs.

Some "tasks" requiring a certain level of exposure control will "fit" into a "one size fits most" type system where others require a unique combination of size, access, and type/level of exposure control.

An isolation manufacturer wants you to purchase an isolator, a powder hood company wants you to fit your task, and all that goes with it, into a powder hood, and a bio-safety cabinet manufacturer wants you to use a BSC...and so goes the story.

All of those systems mentioned have their specific use and may indeed work well for your task/needs. But really understanding what you need for your application, (nothing more, nothing less) can be a challenge.

The "right" system should include controls for your current needs, as well as, capture controls, etc... for your near future needs and plans as well.

Short of creating an endless list of options, control types, etc... your best bet is to work with an exposure control company that can assist you with deciding on what system is the BEST for your needs!

Don't squeeze your application into the wrong system, get the exposure control system that works best for your application.

Kalyx Scientific offers a wide range of exposure control systems for just about any task and if there's a task Kalyx doesn't have the correct system for we will design the right one!



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