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The Importance of Flexible/ Modular Solutions

As with many other industries, the biotech, pharmaceutical, and university industries are placing high-importance on flexible/modular equipment in research through manufacturing. The shift in becoming more flexible is mainly driven by the need to be more efficient, increase capacity and lower production time.

(image above: modular casework)

First, let’s look at the difference between flexible vs. modular. Flexible solutions are generally soft-walled equipment that can be disposed of after an application. In some instances, flexible equipment can be cleaned and reused. Modular solutions, on the other hand, are moveable equipment that can be used in place of fixed solutions. The equipment is made to easily "move" with the operator, or demands of the job. Both, are affordable options to their alternative and can be just as effective.

Benefits of Modular/Flexible solutions:

Increase Efficiency:

Flexible/Modular solutions are tailored to do just that! They are easy to move with any application; offering consistent protection and/or support as needed. They can be tailored to any work area and built around existing utilities and lab space.

Increase Capacity:

Because flexible/modular solutions are cost-effective companies can now have the equipment necessary. Having the proper equipment allows multiple operators to perform the necessary tasks simultaneously, and as needed, to get the job done.

Lower Production Time:

Operators can focus on the task in hand! The ease-of-use and flexibility of the equipment makes it so the operator doesn’t have to jump from machine-to-machine to avoid cross contamination or exposure to exterior elements. The modular/ flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs and can move with you!

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