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Modular Vertical Down Flow Clean Environment

The modular vertical laminar flow clean environment system is designed to compliment your filling system with a constant uni-directional flow of clean, HEPA filtered air (99.997% @ 0.3 μm) down onto the work surface of the filling system.

 Custom Modular Cabinet Kalyx

The system also allows for uninterrupted access from the user as needed as well as limiting user interface contamination. Filling equipment can operate freely within the system. The integrated filling equipment cart/cabinet provides a stable, solid surface for the mounting of filling instruments as well as a water tight electrical/support equipment cabinet below. Equipment cart can be moved in/out of the laminar flow system as needed. Integrated, switchable, LED white and/or amber lights are provided for optimal illumination of the process. 304 stainless steel and glass system is easy to maintain, clean and operate. System can be customized to provide a Restricted Access Barrier, gloved access, system (RABs) as well as other customizations.


    1. Rugged, stainless steel frame w/integrated stainless-steel panels - allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
    2. Hinged, tempered glass sash panel - assists with providing smooth, laminar, air flow as well as limits user contamination.
    3. Dual side, tempered glass, access doors - allows for restricted access to workspace.
    4. Combo, caster/leveling foot - for mobility and stability
    5. Power switch - used to power on/off fan units, lights, etc.
    6. Integrated, internal LED lights - optional white and/or amber lighting
    7. Dual, stainless steel, adjustable, fan/filter system. Provides clean, laminar airflow coverage down onto the entire process.
    8. HEPA filtration, 99.997% efficient @ 0.3 microns
    9. Stainless steel, removable, equipment cabinet/cart with removable access panels - Provides a stable surface to mount process equipment as well as a cabinet below for electronics, controls, etc.

    Custom Unit Sheet

    If you have any questions or would like more information on custom systems designed for your process, call us today: 1 (844) 525 9963



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